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Record number of haiku entries wow judges

By Gary Meyers, CRR Haiku Fest Founder and Chief Judge

Ms. Cichosz’s  6th grade class at Longview’s Monticello Middle School wrote haikus for the event.

Ms. Cichosz’s  6th grade class at Longview’s Monticello Middle School wrote haikus for the event.

Columbia River
Reader’s Haikufest 2014 concluded at midnight on February 28th after a wild ride to the finish line. We obviously touched the poetic pulse of the CRR community this year. The final tally confirmed the largest number of entries ever recorded in any of our previous contests—317 haiku from 98 entrants. All but a handful were submitted by local area residents.

In announcing this year’s haiku competition, we explained the changed rule: classic haiku only, (1) capturing observations and experiences from around Southwest Washington, and (2) all others, with the traditional five/seven/five syllable counts.  Our reason for limiting entries to classic haiku was simple. In the midst of today’s instant messaging, texts and tweets, the editor wanted to remind readers that life still exists in the slow lane. Beautiful roses still grow on bushes and we dared suggest that one might want to pause between tweets to catch their scent. As far as we know, there’s not yet an app that can provide the same experience on an iPad or smartphone.
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Best Haiku From Afar

Keith Simmonds – Crayford, Dartford, England

A waft of perfume

Hovers over the village

Weeping plum blossoms.

Winners’ Circle

Devany Hubbard


You have to go through

The rain, to get the rainbow

That’s the way of life.

Sharon Ashford

Spider’s dainty home

Delicate, silvery strands

Deadly deception.

Estrella Brown

Their mom’s aging hands

Silently clasped in prayers

Her peace will come soon.

Margie Caron

Little fir trees stand

At the feet of cottonwoods

Green fuzzy slippers.

Sunshine Clark

Autumn’s slanted rays

Lengthening streaks, reaching out

Desperate to stay.

Joy Sawyer

Clouds build the lyrics

Thunder sings the melody

Rain accompanies.

Kaitlyn Zuber

A bellowing call

It announces their coming

Behold the great whale.

Jan Zuccarini (on the passing of her beloved cat, Cocoa)

Now we say goodbye

My valentine gift to you

Set you free of pain.

Monticello Middle School 

(Ms. Cichosz’s 6th grade class)

Devany Hubbard 


You have to go through

the rain to get the rainbow;

that’s the way of life.

Keely Lemmons 

“Winter’s Promise”

Bare trees on pale sky

A soft chill in the sharp air

Winter’s promise stands.

Mary Knowles 

“The Beach”

The warm summer sun

The waves come crashing ashore

Footprints in the sand.

Meilin Pang 

“Hidden Beauty”

The willow is shy

Hiding behind its safe leaves

Wishing to be free.

Junior Sanchez


An ocean voyage

As waves break over the bow

The sea welcomes me.

Cloey Trotter


Slick and gleaming bright

Fighting the river’s current

Avoiding quick claws.


The hardest part of subjective competition is the judging—ask the Winter Olympics figure skating committee! With 300+ entries to evaluate, our four judges — Creighton Goldsmith, Deborah Kim, Mike and Linda Ryan — worked like medieval scribes on speed to give every entry a fair assessment. Overall, they were impressed with the range of vivid, nature-based imagery. After several reviews, the results came down to which poets best described those images with clarity, energy, rhythm and in 17 syllables. Only eight entries received two or more votes. No haiku received all the judges’ votes and only one garnered three – Devany Hubbard’s “Rainbows.”  

Companion art

We welcomed art to accompany the entries this year emphasizing that any art submitted would not play any part in the judges’ evaluation of the haiku. That proviso was not violated. However, Cathleen McNeely of Longview presented a dilemma. She wasn’t a winner in the haiku competition; she might have been had we offered a pop haiku category. But the judges were so taken with Cathleen’s imagination and creativity that they created a special category for her submission: “Best Non-winning Combination Haiku and Art with Hawaiian Winter Theme.” You can see Cathleen’s entry and art on the cover and judge for yourselves.

The shortest haiku entry: “Indiscriminate/Incogitativity/Undeniable.” 

Shortest evaluation: “X”

We saw familiar names from previous contests, first among them being Rose Putnam from Kelso, age 93. I’ve not met Rose but she exudes a remarkable zest for life. Her haiku says it all: “Walk on the wild side/do let loose once in awhile/and live life fully.” Good advice for everyone whether or not they are 93. And for the record, at 93, Rose doesn’t win the “Silver Poet” award. That recognition goes to Jean James from St. Helens, a young and prolific 96! Jean’s haiku: Vine maples backlit/by a sun just peeking through/images galore.

Another heart-warming aspect of this year’s contest was the young folks’ participation. At an age when I was still puzzled about how a thermos bottle keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold, these young multi-taskers are crafting poetry on computers, scanning pictures, and adding clip art as part of their routine school day. I’m encouraged.

Kaitlyn Zuber, age 11, from Rainier sent several hand-written haiku. Hand-written! I only see handwriting when my grandchildren endorse their birthday checks! Kaitlyn even included art with her submission (see above).

But it was Jessica Cichosz’s package that stunned us all. Jessica is a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at Monticello Middle School in Longview. As a class project, Jessica encouraged her 58 students to enter the contest and did they ever — 172 haiku! Our hats are off to Jessica for stimulating interest in the arts and to her students for their enthusiastic response. To bring more attention and support to the class project, the judges decided to evaluate the students’ submissions separately against their peers. Some say that haiku is successful if the readers can sense the images as if they were viewing them through the poet’s eyes. Can they sense feeling the summer breeze upon the cheek, hearing the wet snow drop from the cedar bough, or seeing the ripples on the pond after the trout has leapt for the fly? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then the poet has succeeded and the reader is satisfied. Our judges were very satisfied with this year’s haiku collection. We hope that you, our valued readers, will be equally satisfied. See you next year. 

Following is the list of all the haikus submitted. 


See complete Haiku entries below.


Gary Meyers

Gary Meyers

Longview native and now Honolulu resident Gary Meyers created CRR’s annual Haiku competition and remains fully in charge of coordinating all the details. We appreciate his work.


2014 Haiku Submissions:

Margie Caron

Share life with children

Humble myself so I learn
Find brilliant secrets

Finally reach top
The mountain humility
The eyes see beyond

Little fir trees stand
At the feet of cottonwoods
Green fuzzy slippers

Chartreuse moss blankets
Top beds of volcano rock
Warming mother earth

Split cottonwood logs
Now glowing red gold embers
Cozy little home

Steve Chandler 

On cold winter days

Great Blue Heron's Angel wings

Softly heavenward.


Life goes underground

winter prepares seeds to burst

soon sun brings birth forth.

Winter's light soft, low

hides emergent springs new breath

O, behold wonders.

Terry Hopkins

Exquisite sunset

The dark trees silent voices

my loneliness


Keith Simmonds

Tentacles of snow

gliding on the windowpanes

eerie gusts of wind


A sip of nectar

from the petals of beauty

a butterfly dance


The autumn full moon

a spiral of crimson leaves

in the evening glow


A waft of perfume

hovers over the village

weeping plum blossoms


Splinters of sunshine

Shimmer upon the snowflakes

chimneys disappear


Linda Dolph

Water drop clinging

Resisting its sparkling weight

Earth calls, glitter drops


Mysterious mist

Hovering over river

Faithful foghorn blows


B.E. Wheeler 

Late night on my dock

Starlight lit my lonesomeness

The dark silent sound


Golden haze ahead

Purpled shadows on the flank

Whitecaps in the dusk


Quiet, stark cottonwoods

Naked brown by slate gray skies

Geese survey the flood, 


George Kalista

winter reigns supreme

till spring softly conquers it

blending to summer

winter   the land rests

gaining energy   waiting

springs assault is near

birds in living room
screaming loud for attention
I want out
   right now

dog on lap resting
makes light snoring sounds
quit haikuing

nights curtain has closed
sleep eluding me tonight
turn computer on


Jean James 

Baby footprint rocks

Part of my rock collection

Treasures beyond words


Handicapped children

Always tug at my heartstrings

My grandson is one


Vine maples backlit

By the sun just peeking through

Images galore


Sharon Ashford

Stallion, white as pearl

Dancing moon on meadow green

Beauty for all time.


Spiders dainty home

Delicate, silvery strands

Deadly deception.


Glennis Roper

Snowflakes flutter down,
Wispy, icy filigree
Blanketing our town.

Silken spiderwebs
With giant spiders in them
Confiscate my yard!

Shadows on pavement;
Spiky peaks from evergreens-
Asphalt mountain tops.

Vast Vs flying high,
Honking geese are heading south.
Winter's on its way.

Hey, feasting squirrel
Harvesting my walnut tree--
Leave a few for me


Rose Putnam

 Promise me you will

Remember the dreams we had

Do them as our plan.


Walk on the wild side

Do let loose once in awhile

And live life fully.


Wonders never cease

My enjoyable life goes on

And I am at peace.


Gary Meyers





Dale and Pam Hirsch

Nuts in our pockets

Went searching for a squirrel

Mission Accomplished.


 Foamy white ocean

 It calls to me day and night

So peaceful and calm.


Larry Studebaker

In the cool spring morn,

Bending, stooping, working hard;

Thistle in my yard


Bleeding heart watches

Daisies, weeds and grass compete

From a clearing's edge


Conquest of our lawn

By evil Dan De Leon;

This shall be avenged


My nostrils flare from

the fragrant stench of fir death;

A Christmas tree lot.


Kait Lyn Zuber 

Robust and snowy

Adorns the surface of ice

Its the whistler swan


Biting winds cascade

Hail, snow, and rain are unleashed

Winter has arrived.


Apples are no more

The doe and her older fawns

Look disappointed.


A bellowing call

It announces their coming

Behold the great whale.


Colorful wild birds

In cold leafless trees they dart

Finding life within.


Lois Brudi

Syllables are put

In order--five, seven, five

For our enjoyment.


Jasmine, Rose, Lily

Violet, Daisy, Pansy.

Flowers?  Or girl's names?


Sunrise to sunset

The time goes by so quickly.

The night is coming.


A crushing sadness

At the loss of a loved one

Envelopes the soul.


Lacy spider webs

Unseen, until they appear

Sparkling in the sun.


Ray Iwamoto

Darkness with no moon

Star light gloomed by cloud and fog

Cat still stalks  the night


A tropical night

Moonbeam dances on the waves

The tsunami strikes


Nancy Knight

Voices thin as thread

Skeins of geese fill the flyway

Necks stretched toward home.


Plump dusty sweetness

Hang hairy on thorny vines

Sun-warmed wild sachet.


Coats molt, black boots shed

Kites caught in newly leafed trees

Daffodils blare spring.


Blur of golden splash

Ham pink tongue lolls, nose snuffles

Tennis ball plops on sand.


Gregg Gustin

Playful water dogs

Dark masters of the Cowlitz

Otters rule the night

Kids are home no school

World becomes icy playground

Snow day makes all young


River seems so calm

Flowing silently past us

The source of all life


Loo Wit lost her head

a fiery day of ash

She shares with us all


Giant ancient trees

Harvested by brave young men

Logging fed us all.


Lois Sturdivant

Plowing through the rain

Windshield wipers can't keep up

Winter misery


John Hanna

 The flowers are gone.

Where are they now, you wonder?

In Spring, you will know.


The snow geese have flown

far away where it is warm

When will they return?


 An inner life plan

is a gift to every seed.

Time reveals the goal.


 In my small garden           

The first unfurling of spring

Ends the long winter.


 The warm summer sun

Awakes my sleeping garden,

Releasing fragrance.


Estrella Brown

Fog fades quietly 

Sun graces valley meadows

Green blades glistening


Deer huddle 'neath trees

Freshly fallen snow shimmers

Silence everywhere


Their mom's aging hands

Silently clasped in prayers

Her peace will come soon.


Throwing and sliding

Shaping snow men and angels

Winter blues released


Northwest rain at dawn

Waikiki beaches by noon

Bare feet free at last.


Alena Erickson 

Stop by Crystal Springs,
Get lost in its' looking glass.
Breathe, Be still, Reflect.


tulips warp the loom,

rows of colors patterning

acres and acres.

Cascades' "Fuji" cone,
Pure white mound piercing blue sky,
It blew!, mind blowing!

A cold hard stone heart
Thawed to your sunshine smile,
Warmed by your voice.

A caring mentor,
She tends the injured bird,
Heals wounds with a smile.


Jan Zuccarini

Stressed out kitty then

Losing weight at age thirteen

Chronic kidney cat


eighteen plus years old

mommie loves you very much

tired feline boy


tongue stops working now

feed with syringe four times a day

tired old man cat


dont know what to do

cry when at the water bowl

dont know how to drink


now we say goodbye

my valentine gift to you

set you free of pain


Randy Zuber 

Sheltering forest stream

Cold, refreshing, life-giving

Wild creatures rejoice


Among stars above

Our imaginations roam

Clear, cold, free to dream.


Branch breaks, powers out

Opportunities abound

Wood stove, hot cocoa.


Cathleen McNeely

Blood clots, thick and deep

Dying to travel vein path

Stay homeits cheaper!    


Barred rocks, leghorn girls

Stomp, huff, feathers fluffLEAVE hawk!

Were not that tasty.


Hula Lulabelle

Inhale, exhale frosty air

Brrr! Cold coconuts!


sea green tidal orb

glistening arms bloom, beckon

welcome preyjoin me.


Jim Hautala

Rest home, Fron and Barb.

They were there but now theyre gone.

Singing praising songs.


Rest home, come visit.

If you see them you will know.

Helps you more than them.


Snowbound forest shack.

I do not know where I'm at.

Till the Son shines on.


I don't lie as yet.

I don't always tell the truth.

The truth would hurt you.


If you publish these.

Hope royalties bring you joy.

I will write no more.


Jim Meskew

We climbed together

With few words before he died;

Sip a toast to him.


Carolyn Caines

The Big Dipper sits

On the edge of nightstrangely

Immense in my scope


The rains have returned

I am drowning in the street

By the locked mailbox


A landscaper prunes

Front-yard shrubs several looking

Nothing like themselves

Hanging baskets ask,

Where have all the flowers gone?

I have no green thumb.


Stubborn fog sitting

On the river, refusing

To leave before noon


Sunshine Clark

Tiny Dancer
2 months, sonogram-

  tiny dancer fluttering.
Heavy hearts weigh less.

small girl child, daughter-

  wonder in her eyes and heart.
dizzy with summer.

Autumn's slanted rays-

   lengthening streaks, reaching out,
desperate to stay.

Summer Love
hands joined together-

    too hot for other love,
forever friends.

Tiny Bird
My heart's fluttering-
tiny bird inside my chest.


Joy Sawyer

The sun warms the earth

once more awakening hope

of eternity

 Raindrops fall on pond

making ripples chase in glee 

the drought is over


The honeysuckle

quivers and hums with life

bees gather nectar


Clouds build the lyrics

thunder sings the melody

rain accompanies


The baby robin

awaits parent bringing lunch

worm is not willing

Deborah Studebaker

Sunny spring  morning

Dark shadow in the woodpile

Sleeping baby elk


Unseen road ahead

Murky for lies think and low

Terror in the night


Rainy window pane

Dark clouds pelt the earth with hail

Witnessing a storm


Blanket of pure white

Bundled up to go explore

Footprints in the snow


Nature towers high

A branch cracks beneath my feet

Walking in the woods


Caroline Wood

The hydrangea
Blossoms from last summer are
Greeting the new buds.

Night is falling; the
Black chickens are on their roosts
In the backyard coop.


Shawn Siltala

Fallen alder leans

gently into the water,

blending gray and green.

Men work elsewhere now.

Ghosts in empty buildings know 

how strong we once were.

Falling icicles

leave tracks like crazy birds' feet

in the melting snow.



Matt Wall

ice blue winter sky

blooms awaiting warmer days

calm winds have found me

children never care

about cold hands, wet feet or

dry coughs, fun is fun

awaiting green grass

sunshine, fireworks, hot dogs

some things take too long

high up, way above

leaves holding on by mere threads

squirrel nests remain

three nests in a tree

how many birds? I can't see

they're on vacation


Millie Grocott

In memory still

Sedge bends at the water’s edge

More lyric than grass.


Dorothy Parker

Fragile twigs, buds swell,

Tips of green, purple petals

Winter Daphne Springs.


Indian Plum

 Yellow-gold prisms sway,

Emerald scrolls form candle sticks, 

Chandeliers of spring


Settles valley floor, 

Absorbing colors well-known,

Fog lingers cold, damp.


Yellow. my yellow horse.

Majestic Yellow

Rolls on favorite spot, now

Splendid brown:  Yellow.


Crocus, daffodils

Daphne, hel.le.bore, pansy,

Spring buds…pollen sneeze


Nicole Cochran

Rushing out the door,

important morning meeting -

icy windshield wins.


One, two, three, four, five-

counting out my syllables,

building my haiku.


Lights begin to dim

audience hush, pause, darkness -

the curtain rises.


POP! of the toaster, 

butter knife scrapes crumbs,

honey bear drizzle.


The big night is here,

the envelope is opened...

my name wasn't called


JoHannah Musseid-Frank

Not swarthy Ducks

Hungry eagle swarming low

One saddened duck


SUBMISSIONS by Monticello Middle School 6th Grade students:


Sarah Brazier

Wolf in the spruce wood forest

Wolf, covered in snow

Sneaking through the spruce wood trees

Hunting down your prey


Clouds of summertime

Fluffy clouds up high

Filling the turquoise sky

Drifting slowly by.


Creature of the deep sea

That sleek, dripping skin

Complete with majestic fins

Behold, the dolphin.


Sleeping in the bright daylight

He sleeps on a stump

Head tucked under his golden wing

The owl sleeps till night.


Meilin Pang

Under the Lake

The still lake is glass

Calm waters conceal a storm

While a war is waged.


Hidden Beauty

The willow is shy

Hiding behind its safe leaves

Wishing to be free.


Words from the Wise

If rain gets you down

Know that sunshine will come soon

And all will be well.



The butterfly flies

Through rough and rainy weather

Fighting toward the sun.


Odd One Out

The tulip stands out

Against a sea of roses

Light pink to bright red.


Nailynn Bingman

The Aftermath

Water trickles down

Cold winds blow away the clouds

Now the storm has won.


The Storm

The clouds once were white

Children would play outside but

Now the storm has won.



White clouds fill the sky

Little kids are running by

What a pretty day.



Leaves of red and gold

Lazily float to the ground

The air becomes cold.


The Faces of Nature

Bumpy, broken nose

Beautiful emerald eyes

The world’s beautiful.


Keely Lemmons

Winters Promise

Bare trees on pale sky

A soft chill in the sharp air

Winter’s promise stands.


She will always come

Taking poet’s breaths away

An indifferent soul.


Let Me Stay

Just one more moment

Just one more breath of sweet air

Leave me in the wild.



Fires dance across trees

Run away! Flee the danger!

All that’s left is ash.



Dust motes laze about

Ablaze with your rosy glow

Sunset on green fields.


Kailael Hash


Big, buff, polar bear

Why do you promote cola?

Promote Mountain Dew!



Sleek, slick salmon fish

Why do you liked to be smoked?

It’s bad for your gills.


Emma Brindley

Forest Animals

Beautiful deer play

While caribou munch on grass

And bears are hunting.


Big Animals

Hippos munch away

Walruses slip, slide, and hunt

Elephants make fun.


Farm Animals

Cows eat the good grass

Horses gallop through the field

Ducks waddle through mud.


Jayshiv Patel


A late afternoon

Daisies basking in glossy

Refreshing green grass.



Flutter in the sky

On wings of many colors

Land upon flowers


The Pond

An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond

Splash – silence again.


Cole Foley

The Forest

The rushing water

Sparkling in the sunlight



Colorful feathers

Little pink feet with sharp claws

And a little beak.



Shimmering scales

Living in the shallow creek

Little fins and tails


Ricky Liao

Cold Weather

Snowflakes gently fall

As the weather becomes cold

Winter is coming.


Morning Day

Birds are chirping loud

Sunlight passes through the sky

It’s a nice morning.



Ocean waves fall in

Fighting against the strong wind

Crashing to the ground.


Gwenyth Elkinton


As leaves keep falling

And the breeze keeps on flowing

You know fall is here.



On sandy beaches

The tide goes in and back out

The waves keep splashing.



Boom, Boom, goes the storm

Crash – the storm has hit something

Then there was silence.


Tanner Allen

The Ocean

Swaying swell of salt

Foam floating on the surface

Splishing and splashing.



Fields overflowing

With so many crops and trees

Green as it can be.


The Stream

Salmon jumping forth

Right back to where they came from

Going up the stream.


Rene Alvarez


Snow is cold but soft

The snow dropping on my face

When the snow falls gently.



Trees are full of green

Trees are what keep us alive

We need trees to live.



Water is magical

Water can do lots of things

It keeps us alive.


Hannah Price

The Stormy Night

Stormy clouds darken

The fierce oceans grow fiercer

While the air grows cold.


The Nocturnal Night

Wolves are howling

Owls are searching for mice

While the moon grow bright.


Finally Calm

The clouds roll away

The water finally calms

But the stars shine bright



The Morning Has Come

The sun is rising

The birds are chirping loudly 

children rush outside.


The Surprise

Only to find white

They don’t know what to expect

But they play anyway.


Esabella Meeuws

Beautiful Flowers

Purple, yellow, pink

Flowers growing everywhere

Breathing summer air.


Nine Tiny Deer

Nine tiny brown deer

Peacefully gazing on grass

Run away to be free.



Flying to and fro

Searching for something to eat

Pretty butterflies.


Rising Sun

Rising sun above

Creating days with laughter

Everyone enjoy.


Devany Hubbard


You have to go through

The rain, to getthe rainbow

That’s the way of life.



Salty waves come in

And they crash against my skin

Close my eyes, and smile


The Jungle

Ivy snakes up stones

Vines hanging down low to the ground

But the sun is high.


Tylor Sells


On beautiful fire

If you were any hotter

I would turn to soot.



The lovely water

Has a mouth but does not talk

Runs but does not walk.



The crashing thunder

Lighting up the forest trees

With a cracking sound.


Morgan Rawson

The Flower

One pretty flower

Sweet fragrance filling the air

Swaying in the breeze.



Big, deep, blue ocean

Tiny, shallow, little pond

Small, large, both the same


Gentle Stream

Soft, sweet, swirling

Moves the water so slowly

Cold, liquid water..


Jakob White


The forest is the

Greenest place in the world with

All its greens and kind


Lovely animals

Big to small all to survive

Sustained by its beauty.



Destructive lightning

Burning all it smites near

Me for it I must evade.


Mary Knowles

The Beach

The warm summer sun

The waves come crashing ashore

Footprints in the sand.


Good night

The sun’s going down

The owl comes out at midnight

Black cats roam the streets.


White Christmas

The snow is falling

The kids are building snowmen

It’s a white Christmas.

Alex Stephens


Its grown tall and strong

Leaves fall toward the ground

All the trees fall down.


End of Winter

Paths from the snow clears

Animals search for some food

Spring is on the way.



Sunlight bursts through it

The clouds form into pictures

Sun goes for the night.


Glen Toler


An afternoon breeze

Expels cold air, along with

The fallen brown leaves



Cherry blossoms bloom

Softly falling from the tree

Explode into night.



A winter blanket

Covers the earth in response

But only a dream.


Junior Sanchez


Hurricane Issac

Why are you so destructive?

You destroy all year.


Safe and Sound

Sound and silence is

Space and form within the mind

And all time is born.



An ocean voyage

As waves break over the bow

The sea welcomes me.


Hannah Bledsoe


Trees are so sparkly

Trees whistling in the wind

Waving in the fields



Small, frail and tiny

Shining like the stars at night

Dying in the fall.



Green as natures mom

Waving in the distinct breeze

Green and growing slow


Alberto Balbuena-Trujillo


Little Chihuahua

Covered with mud and grey dust

Brown and beautiful hair



Beautiful rainbow

Striped with colorful colors

Huge on dark rainy days.


Kailey Sirnio

Dream land

White sandy beaches

With blue majestic water

Land of Hawaii.


Darn, you rabbit

Rascally rabbit

Im hunting for a rabbit

A rabbit indeed.



Hopping here and there

With a bumpy back of green

With a fly in sight.


Average squirrel

My bushy tail fluffed

My wide cheeks are full of nuts

Ready for winter.


Kaylee Homme


Passing by through logs

Very big undercurrent

Gliding above fish



Covered with white snow

Branches breaking every day

Birds sing at the top.



Fur as white as snow

Hops as fast as a cheetah

Hides under bushes.



Sing every morning

Flying up high in the sky

Swimming in bird baths.



Whistles in the sky

Knocks over big tree branches

Gives you a big chill.


Cindy Alvarez

Grizzly Bear

Big, brown and fuzzy

Walking toward the river flow

Catching fish for food.


Small Frog

Small, green and slimy

Lying in the lily pads

Waiting for a snack.


Kenneth Hockett


The white foam is cool

I love to play in water

It is alive.



Very brown and tall

During fall its leaves are red

Today they are yellow.


Alyssa Ruiz


Ice cold on my nose

As quiet as mice creeping as white as smooth paper.



As hard as a rock

Covered with small, smooth, green leaves

With bark all over.



Passes by green trees

As cold as snow on your nose

Whistles in the sky



Beautiful petals

Covered with beautiful colors

Bees are chasing after


Jacqueline Zarazua


The sun appeared

Over the beautiful hill

Making the earth bright.



The snow layers trees

With beautiful snow glowing

Melts in the summer.


Roxana Morales


Beautiful fishes

Swimming in the big blue sea

Shining like bright stars



Colored flowers

Red, purple, many colors

Pretty as rainbows.


Sierra White


Fuzzy little worms

Make a home then comes out as

Graceful butterflies.



Shrivel up and die

A ton falling from the sky

Then piling up high.


Noah Gaston


A wild animal

Wonderful fearful hunter

Blends into darkness.



King of the jungle

Most fearful of Africa

Lives in a den.


Anthoni Garcia

Oak Tree

Pretty, ugly tree

Flying squirrels live in them

Leaves sway in the wind.


Polar Bear

Glowing white fur bear

Catching fish underwater

Waiting for next hunt


Everardo Carapia


Big, fat, and furry

Not very gentle at all

Sharp, dangerous claws



Like playing with yarn

Like to eat fishes at lot

Big, fat, furry and claws


Izzy Platt

Her Mist

She dances at dawn

To Bobby Mackies music

Till darkness fades in.


Wild Winds

Cries fly in the air

Door slams at the middle of night

Well, thats debunked.


My Snow Flurries

Orbs fly in the air

Little balls of energy play rounds

What happy souls to me.


Demonic Tree

Screams yell help me

Three times mocking knock next to me

The tree never scared me.


Angelina Jiminez

Beautiful shine

Sunflowers bright like the sun

Perfect glow and shine.


Small and cute kittens

Cuddly, special, and little

Always very strong


Natonia Cureton

Bunnies Dont Want To Sleep

Bunnies playing late

Bunnies so majestic now

They dont want to sleep.


Barn Animals

Barn animals cute

How do they get their cuteness

Because they are cute.


Big Bears

Big bears everywhere

Hunting in the field

How do they live now?



Trees glisten in the sunlight

How wonderful so pretty

Can you imagine?


Austin Daniels


Water is pretty

It is blue and we need it

It is a liquid.



Sharks are vicious

They are dangerous and kill

People all the time.



Grass is cool and green

It is important to us

Animals eat it.



Trees are big and nice

Lots of creatures live on them

We need them to live.


Alex Khoxayo


Big destructive wave

Coming fast and furious

Get to higher ground.



Standing big and tall

Giving oxygen to breath

Too bad we chop you.


Israel Kalar

Green Grass

The grass is so green

Sharp grass runs through my fingers

Its smell is so sweet.


The Moon

The moon is so bright

Im not afraid of the dark

The moon protects me.


Hallie Buffham

The Arctic Fox

Beautiful, sneaky

Winter white fuzzy is fox

Running in the wind.



The leaves are falling

But prickly pines still staying

Waving in the wind.


Out in Nature

Just flowers to pick

So many grass blades to count

Wind blows in my hair.



Deep in the forest

There is not a single sound

Dark, peaceful silence.


Lake of Peace

A clear reflection

Animals rely on you

They really love you.


Jonathan Tejada


The monkeys are eating

All hiding in the bushes

Running away together



Explorers came to forest

They spotted the Sasquatch there

Quick take a picture or video.


Tyson Adams

Tiger Madness

Tigers are fearsome

They are like big giant cats

They have long claws.


A lot of Birds

Birds whistle loud

They can fly fast like cheetahs

They are really small.


Savannah Nash


Thunderstorms rise

To the tops of trees

Then back down.



Animals burrow

Down into the cold

Surviving winter.



Snow covers

The ground all around

And quickly melts






Swaying flowers

Shining during the daytime

Shut by night.


Kaitlyne Hylton


Tiny glad kittens

One kitten fell down a hole

Silly small kitten.


Baby Fox

Little baby fox

Lost in the woods alone

Lonely little fox.



Small little panda

The panda that is so loved

Lucky small panda.


Piper Nguyen


Small, baby panda

Rolled its eyes and fell to sleep

Dreaming peacefully.



The little penguin

Slid down the snow-covered hill

Having so much fun.



Twinkling and bright

Shining in the dark, night sky

As bright as a sun.


Natalie Cureton

Colorful Nature

Bright neon colors

Birds chirping so peacefully

Rainbows brightening sky.


Blue Whale

Beautiful blue whale

Crying so horrid and loud

So humongous.


Spencer Bussanich


Curious puppies

Playing in the cold white snow

Blending perfectly.





Water silently

Streams along with fish

Pleasantly with life.


Baylee Carrico


A panda ate nuts

A very comfortable cat

The cat joins along.


A silver sticky fish

Dove into the pond.


Natalie Contreras-Venegas


Sparkly, blue waves, deep

And cold water traveling

With fish along the boats.


The Sky

Bright sunny day

Shining blue in summer, yeah!

Gray sky during fall.


Rylee Rodriguez

Dear Kitty

Little furry cat

Forever dreaming

Why did you leave?


Ugly Volcano

Rocky volcano

Why must you be so violent?

Innocent people.



Sparkly, scaly, fishy

Always swimming beside boats

Never ever sleeping swimming.


Colton Rutledge


Cute sweet big brown lab

Small, short, tan, little Chihuahua

White, fluffy, big bunny.



Trees are full of color

Trees can keep us alive.


Cloey Trotter

Lazy Cats

Lying in the sun

Soaking up its warm bright glow

Till the day is done.



Slick and gleaming bright

Fighting the rivers current

Avoiding quick claws.


Summer Breeze

Gliding through the trees

Chasing away the suns heat

Bending blades of grass.



A sparkling white frost

Drifting from heavens vast fields

Melting on your face.


Nicholas Hansen


Massive redwood trees

Their trunks are so big and round

People cut them down.


Orayan Routh


Sometimes red and green

Good apple juice of plenty

Good in size yummy.



Feared for life

Hunt in darkness for food

Hide in the shadow.


Diamond Rice


Beautiful thunder could

You keep it down up there.


Little fishy

Shiny fishy jumping out of the

Little ruffles of the Frog River.


Andrew Roberts

Beautiful Bird

Gorgeous flying bird

How can you fly with just wings?

Teach me how to fly.


Moldy Trees

Moldy wooden trees

Do you like mold on your trunk

Is mold always green?



Antonio Naal


I love butterflies

I love waterfalls with birds

Butterflies are cool.



Pandas are so cute

Pandas like to eat a lot.